Leah Neset and Artem Markelov

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Leah NesetArtem Markelov
BirthdateDecember 7, 2005July 10, 2003
BirthplaceMinot, North Dakota, USAVolzhskiy, Russia
HobbiesPiano, skiing, hikingSkiing, coding, hiking
Started skatingAt 3 years old (2009)At 9 years old (2012)
ClubMagic City Figure Skating ClubMagic City Figure Skating Club
About Leah
Leah Neset was born December 7, 2005 to Kris and Cheri Neset in Minot, ND. Leah began skating at the age of 3. Her mom, Cheri, was a figure skater; her dad, Kris, was a hockey player. Cheri was Leah's first coach. In 2018, when Leah was 12 years old, Leah relocated to Colorado Spring, CO with her mom and sister to train with Elena Dostatni and her former partner, Dimitriy Tsarevski. Leah & Dimitriy went on to win a sliver medal at the 2019 U.S. Figure Skating Championships in Detroit, MI. In May; however, the partnership ended. Leah began her search for a new partner and continued to work hard to improve her individual skating skills. Leah passed 4 gold dances and 6 international dances during her season of searching for a partner.
About Artem
Artem was born July 10, 2003 to Alexey Markelov & Elena Markelova in Volzhskiy, Volgograd, Russia. Artem began skating at the age of 9, after attending a friend's skating birthday party. At the age of 15, Artem decided to pursue a career in ice dance and relocated to Moscow. He formed a partnership with Kristina Makeeva in June 2019. After competing one season at the Advanced Novice level, Artem realized he and his partner were not a good match for each other, so he started searching on a Russian ice partner search website. He saw Leah's profile and contacted her coach, Elena Dostatni, to inquire about a tryout. Artem relocated to Colorado Springs in March 2020 to began a partnership with Leah. He completed his high school coursework virtually and returned to Russia in June 2021 to complete final exams. Artem is currently pursuing a degree in Computer Science